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Why This Approach?

We are all weirdly and wonderfully different. For this reason everyone needs specific, individual attention. What works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another even if on the surface things look similar. Too many practitioners either give generic approaches (take probiotics), rely too heavily on expensive testing hoping it gives an answer, focus too much on the minutiae and forget the overall big picture, or don’t even address the root of the problem. This is where we differ.

At The Functional Gut Group we are interested in your whole story. Your problems didn’t develop overnight, typically they develop over an extended time period before someone seeks out advice on how to get better. Yhis journey is what we are interested in. Were you breast fed as an infant? Were you given antibiotics as a baby? Do you have allergies? Did you suffer any childhood illnesses? These are examples of questions that we ask everyone we work with as they give a lot of insight into the development of someone’s system, how it responds to stressors, and also your systems propensities to respond to certain things in a particular way. It is often these responses to different things that give the biggest insight into the underlying things in someone’s system. For example some people always come out in a cold sore when they get run down, other people get a throat infection, others get constipated. Each of these reactions inform us of different things going on in someone’s that they need help with and addressing these will be part of their solution.

By not only looking at how someone presents today but also looking at historical illnesses, food sensitivities, allergies, immune responses, hormone levels, sleep patterns, digestion etc allows us to put together a solution for helping individuals out with their problems and build long term sustainable change.

So if you have any problems with: digestion; hormone imbalances; autoimmune conditions; thyroid problems; brain fog; food sensitivities; allergies; fatigue; inflammatory conditions; or other underlying health issues that are of a concern to you then get in contact to see if we could help you.

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