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Specialising in post viral fatigue

If you're struggling to get back to full health after being ill then get in contact as we can help.

"We take the time to figure out why you are experiencing the problems you are"

At The Long Term Health Clinic we take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your history. It's rare that there is ever just one cause for someone's problems and because of this it is really important that we treat every case individually, and thoroughly go through everything that may be pertinent. People do not just wake up one morning with an autoimmune condition, these develop over a period of time. For this reason we are interested in your history, familial patterns, previous illnesses, allergies, food sensitivities, toileting habits and everything else you may be able to think of.

Why are we different?

A large proportion of functional health or functional medicine practitioners immediately run a whole host of tests to try and find the issue. The problem with this is that they are often prohibitively expensive and often don't identify the underlying reason for someone's problem. While we still run tests where appropriate in particular circumstances, or when someone is not responding in the anticipated way to treatment but a lot of the time in our experience we find that they are not necessary to get someone on the road to change. 


Additionally there is often a problem with people being given too many supplements to take at once which not only is expensive but if there is change you can't be sure what to attribute it to. This is why when we run a protocol with an individual they integrate the use of 2 or 3 supplements so that if there is a change we know what we can attribute it to.

We focus on building lasting change

There are a number of fundamentals that are required in order to put someone back on the path to the health and these are our priorities and where we start.

  1. Can you successfully eliminate toxins?

  2. Are your detox organs working efficiently?

  3. Are your barriers (skin, nasal, lung, stomach acid, gut lining) successfully stopping things getting in?

  4. Are you adding fuel to the fire? Allergens, food sensitivities?

  5. Do you have an underlying infection? 

  6. What additional stressors exist in this persons life?

Without putting foundations in place you cannot hope to create long term change and this is why you will very rarely see us focusing directly on things such as hormonal imbalances and these will be as a result of a problem elsewhere not the problem in itself.

If you feel like you could benefit from this type of approach then get in contact.

When not in clinic of spending time with his young family Steve can often be found out with Freyja (pictured) his German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

We specialise in working with people who are struggling with post viral fatigue which has become ever more prevalent post pandemic but still affected a lot of people prior to this. Sometimes your system can need more targeted support to get back to full health and this is what we put in place on an individual basis as different people need different levels of support and intervention. Get in contact with us to see if we think we may be able to give you the input you need.

Organic Vegetables

Gassy? Bloated? IBS? Struggle breaking down protein or fats? Constipated? We can help.

Post viral fatigue

Never quite bounced back to full health following a viral illness such as glandular fever or coronavirus? We may be able to help. Book a free initial consultation to have a chat.

Autoimmune problems

We can help identify and treat the underlying drivers for your autoimmune problem.

Hormonal imbalances

Wired and tired? Sleep difficulties? Painful cycles? Migraines? Low libido? Losing hair or excessive hair? We can help identify what is causing these imbalances and help get things back in balance.


Allergic to pollen, or animals? We can help with this.

Food sensitivities

Developed food sensitivities or reactions such as MCAS to foods that you never used to have?


 "To say Steve is thorough is an understatement. Once he had reached a diagnosis Steve provided me with a plan of action and wrote out his recommendations in detail. Having followed these recommendations my digestive issues are resolved which in turn has resolved my migraines. Taking me through my life health history enabled Steve to see a pattern that developed from childhood and was the reason for my current health problems."

— B. Ellis



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